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Predictions are a strange thing. They’re easy to make but difficult to prove. Many businesses make predictions for the year ahead. But 12 months later, when the next report is due, we rarely hear how accurate the previous predictions were. As a result, it’s difficult to assess accuracy, or to learn from mistakes in order to improve for the future.

That’s why Spark Foundry’s quarterly Insights Accelerated report is different. Rather than yearly, we produce them quarterly. And rather than starting from scratch each time, we assess our predictions in each report, creating a consistent link between them.

As for the topics, we worked in consultation with our clients to identify areas that were of the greatest strategic importance, when preparing for the future. As we represent brands covering technology, luxury, retail and travel, we’re confident these themes are relevant to businesses regardless of category. They are;

  • Social commerce: and the way it is changing people’s buying behaviours
  • Metaverse: and how consumers discussions are evolving over time
  • Sustainability: and what the public are most interested to understand

For the next year, we will jump into these topics every quarter. Using our insights platforms, we’ll make clear predictions for the future and, most importantly, assess these predictions in the subsequent report (thereby ensuring accountability and learning over time).

So, if you’re looking for an insights report with a difference. One that goes beyond the bold claims once a year, and actually tracks trends over times, and measures accuracy every step of the way. Then this is the report for you.